Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spending Fast 2012: Completed

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Spending Fast! February is officially over. How was it? 

I have to admit this was probably the worst spending fast I've done. I needed to sign Calder up for swimming lessons and hockey lessons and couldn't do it until February, so I did. He also needed a hockey stick cut to his height, so we bought one. And he needed knee pads and elbow pads, so we bought those too. Basically all my spending fast mishaps were for him, (and his hockey lessons) so I don't feel too bad. I feel like I sacrificed and didn't buy anything for me, so it was still a success. Even though I really wanted a new swimsuit for swimming lessons since I don't have a maternity one. All well. It stretches okay.

The other miscalculation I did was Calder now eats like a real kid and not a small toddler. So, my grocery budget ended up being a little over. I spent $56.00 a week, which is still much better than last month. It was a lot harder this time though.So next year I'll probably do a $60.00 weekly budget.

Oh and to follow up on the new outfit. Jason prefers #2 but isn't crazy about either one! Ugh. I don't really dress for him but it's nice when he likes what I wear. So, instead of scouring the internet for a few more weeks we're probably going shopping this weekend. He did like the shoes so we're going to start there. I'll let you know how it goes!

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