Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Car Seat Cover

This is probably nesting project number 245. I am so feeling the nesting instinct. It's great! I have not been sleeping as much but am accomplishing more. I do resolve to sleep more because at some point it will catch up and I don't want that to be when I have this baby! She's due in 5 weeks!

I've been seeing these car seat covers everywhere and decided to go ahead and make one. Why not? They seem useful. So I found some adorable fabric at JoAnn's and went to work. Since I've been seeing them everywhere I decided not to reinvent the wheel and use a tutorial someone else came up with. The one I liked the best was from SewDangCute. I love that it had a peek a boo window so you could check to see if the baby was awake without moving the whole cover.
 I'm really happy with it. It really was fast and easy. It would be a fun beginner project because it doesn't need to fit anyone and they give basic dimensions. Oh! One thing I did change was the window. I wanted it to have clear plastic sewn in so it would hold it's shape better. I don't like the look of a droopy square in the cover, so I just used plastic from some crib sheet packaging and sewed it in. This is the soft pliable plastic and it was perfect!

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