Tuesday, July 24, 2012

School Supplies

This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am so excited for Calder to start preschool this year. It will be fabulous for his independence and social skills. He is thrilled. I am also excited that this is the first year I get to buy school supplies for my kid. The list of things he needs isn't long but there are a few things I intend to buy to have on hand at home so we can duplicate the type of craft they do at school. And for afternoon fun!

One of those things I'm excited about is AstroBrights papers. It seems silly to be excited about paper but this is pretty cool paper. It's like scrapbook paper in that it has a smooth texture and comes in tons of colors and weights. 26 colors to be exact. Each piece has the same color as every other piece in that shade. That is pefect for larger projects where I need the colors to be the same. I also love the bright, happy rainbow they all make when using them together.

AstroBrights papers is doing a "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes. You could win cash and school supplies valuing $30,000! So check it out!

It will also be fun to participate in the family-friendly "Make Something Astrobright" design challenge. All you have to do is create something using AstroBrights papers. Then showcase it on pinterest, facebook or twitter using the hashtag #goastrobrights. I can't wait to see what people come up with! I think these would be perfect for party decorating and invitations. How sweet would it be to have perfectly coordinating invites, place cards and food labels?

Here are a few other ideas:

  • Job charts for the kids
  • lunchbox notes
  • homemade valentines
  • letters to grandparents
  • print your boarding pass with it, so you won't lose it in your carry on


is really fabulous paper. It's a definite must have for any home.


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