Friday, April 19, 2013

Spending Fast Week 3

As has been true to form the third week of the spending fast is kicking my trash. We are running out of snacks and cereal left and right. I LOVE having a bowl of cereal in the evening, but that has stopped this week. I have been doing more baking than usual this week, which is helping the snack load. We have muffins, cookies and granola bars around. 

I love that the spending fast forces me to become more creative in so many ways. I also love that it stops me from running here and there. I go to the store once a week. Just one store and that's it. This isn't a sustainable lifestyle for our family but it does enforce some very solid habits. We will buy things again in May but not nearly as many as before. I love that it forces me to analyze each thing on my list and decide if it is necessary and if it can be substituted by something else. 

Also, it's not all about food. I am loving my extra time this month. We are pulling weeds in the yard (really, I pull the weeds and the kids eat popsicles, it's adorable) and playing together at home. I really love being at home with my kids. They seem happier too.

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