Sunday, January 19, 2014

When You Grow Up?

I feel like we ask our kids all the time what they want to be when they grow up. My son is the king of dreaming big and small. Some weeks he wants to be a garbage man and some weeks he wants to be the president. I love that he chooses solely on whether it seems interesting.

As we grow up I think we kind of lose this. We think a lot about how much money we would make or whether people perceive the job as a "good job." Or sometimes we worry about how much schooling it takes or the start up costs.

I saw a commercial recently that suggested that you save for retirement so you can do your dream job after you retire. I think it's an interesting idea. If you were told you could do any job in the world and you chose to open a pie shop (a la Pushing Daisies) then you should save so you could do that. But wait, what about energy? When you retire doesn't it seem like you might be too tired to open a pie shop? Baking that much would be exhausting. I guess the advantage would be that you could afford to hire employees right away and you could skip the stage where you're a one person shop until you start making a profit.

So, what would you do if you could do anything? I honestly think after my kids are in school I will go back to school to get a graphic design degree. I've dreamed of doing interior design for years but am kind of suffering from some decorating insecurities as of late (my husband told me he doesn't like any of the furniture we currently own. ACK!)  and they get paid so poorly I think it would be frustrating to pour so much time in to something and get paid in pennies. You know? So, I think graphic design is a great alternative. It is still a very creative field, which I think I need. It would also be nice that I could freelance as I wanted, so I would be available to my kids.

Before I became a mom I was an Ophthalmic Technician. I loved my job. Mostly because of who I worked with. It was a fun environment. Each patient presented a different situation so it wasn't ever boring. But, it wasn't terribly creative. It involved doing certain tests for certain complaints, taking lots of measurements and yes, asking the question "Is it better 1, or 2?" I went home every day needing to do something with my hands. I took up sewing, crochet and a few other creative hobbies. I love my hobbies. There is something especially relaxing about sewing for me. I can sit and sew for hours and it feels like just a few minutes. I love sewing.

Sometimes I toy with the idea of opening my Etsy shop again. The problem is I have a list of so many things I want to make for me and the kids and our home that I feel like I should make those first. Maybe some day I'll have a little extra time to make enough to sell.

I also have this really fun idea that totally feeds in to my talents. I really love to organize and make spaces look neat and put together. I also really love shopping for clothes and putting outfits together. So I think I would be an amazing closet specialist. I would help you organize all the closets in your house. And / or I would help you go through your clothes and make a collection of outfits (with pictures) that you could wear. Then we would go shopping to fill any closet holes. I think it would be cool to create a book with all the outfit pictures in it so you could just flip it open and see what you want to wear. This may be especially helpful to people who get stuck in a rut wearing the same 5 things over and over again. The book was actually my husband's idea. He wants to be able to flip through and choose an outfit with coordinating ties and socks. Maybe I'll make it for his birthday or something. A friend of mine has volunteered to be my guinea pig with the closet specialist plan. Hopefully we can get that done soon!

Have a great week!


Danielle said...

The closet specialist thing is a GREAT idea! Let me know how it goes! I'd love to see some pictures if you do that for Jason. I'm not sure that's something that Max would be interested in, but I'm interested.

Rachel said...

I'd hire you! I need help with my closet...I have too many clothes and need an objective opinion about what actually looks good :)


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