Saturday, February 1, 2014

This Week's Top 5

Hello! I am so excited for the weekend. We got kind of suckered out of last weekend because my husband had to work a large chunk of it. I'm optimistic that this weekend will be different. We don't really have big plans, just a little of this and maybe eating out once or twice.

Today I thought I would leave you with my week's top 5. These are just my 5 favorite things that I either read or experienced this week. So here it goes.

1. I took the kids on a play date to St. Elizabeth's East Gateway Pavillion's Ice Slide. It was amazing. And free. They are only doing it for a few more weeks, so if you live near DC this is definitely a good idea.

2. These headphones are awesome. I think they may be a cute red item for my husband for Valentine's Day. Along with this card. Don't worry, I'm almost certain he doesn't read this blog...  We're not big in to over the top Valentine's Day activities and presents, but it is nice to be appreciated and remembered, so we do exchange gifts / go out to dinner some time in February.

3. I swam my heart out this morning at the gym. I joined about two months ago and I really love it. Thankfully the kids love the "kids club" and usually don't want to leave. They drag me there five days  a week. It is wonderful. I love how much stronger I feel. And surprisingly less tired. And swimming really rocks.

4. I learned this week that I am strong than I previously thought. Not in the physical strength way mentioned in #3 but in an emotionally strong kind of way. I'm really happy about making the discovery and I feel like I am in total control of life. I'm sure this feeling won't last forever, but for now I'm totally soaking it in. Things only bother me if I let them.

5.  I spent a few minutes perusing my Pinterest Style board last night. There are some seriously cute clothes in there. I need to do a closet scrub and re-evaluation. That is usually something I do in February. I'm looking forward to it. That outfit book I mentioned previously may be more of a need for me than I previously thought.

Happy weekend!

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happyfamily said...

You are always an inspiration to me. I've been wanting to get back swimming. Just not sure where to fit it in my day.
You ARE strong! Hope all is well.


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