Monday, August 18, 2014

Home Tour: Kitchen

 Welcome to our new kitchen. I absolutely love the kitchen. It is the perfect size with plenty of storage but takes just a few minutes to clean up. Everything has a place and I feel like it is so well designed.
 When we first looked at the house I was worried the kitchen would be too small. It is compact, but I actually use that to my advantage. It is far easier to clean a small kitchen than a big one. And, I've never been someone who needs a whole gaggle of kitchen tools. I have what I need and somehow we get by without the rest.
 We bought the fridge after spending hours looking at options. We measured and measured again just to make sure it would fit. I feel like it is totally us. We love clean lines and I especially love shiny things. The bottom freezer is beautiful and the interior has ample shelves. The only down side for some people is the lack of ice maker or water dispenser. Honestly, I don't like to waste the room inside the freezer for those things, so I'm glad to go without. 

 The passthrough between the dining room and kitchen is perfect for breakfast. The kids love eating at the barstools and I don't blame them.

 I really like storing our bowls out in the open. It saves a lot of cabinet space and I never really know what to store on these display shelves since I"m not a collector of random things. Everything we have serves a purpose or it holds deep sentimental value. An item gets extra points if it is functional, beautiful and holds sentimental value. 

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