Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

I recently discovered Stitch Fix and am totally crushing on this company. I received my first fix about a week ago and was totally impressed. The premise is they have stylists that choose five clothing items for you based on information you give them about your style preferences. They ask a few simple questions and then ask you to share a link to your style board on Pinterest or if you have a blog you can share that too. This gives them a lot more information about what type of clothes you like and what your overall style is. They also have a note section where you can tell them exactly what your looking for. 

For my first fix I told them I wanted more skirts and dresses that I could wear during the week. I love skirts and dresses but have a hard time finding just the right style or fit to run around with the kids. And this is what they sent me.
 This first skirt is a black maxi skirt with a really cool detail on the front. It has a cool twisted knot and a cool drape in the front along the bottom.
 It's really hard to see but I am loving the way it fits. It feels a little sexy without being over the top and I can totally wear it while the kids and I are running around. Unfortunately I don't need more maxi skirts. Jason totally hates them and I have a few already. So I didn't keep it but I do think it was a great thing for them to send me based on the information I provided. 
Item #2 is this cute top. It has cherry blossoms on it and is really comfortable top. Jason loved this one. I am not crazy about the pattern. I decided I am only keeping things I absolutely LOVE. So this went back too.
 Item #3 is amazing and perfect in every way! This top has the fun detail I was looking for, in a brilliant color with a perfect fit. Jason and I both love this one and of the five things they sent this is the one I kept. 

 Item #4 is this delicate infinity bracelet. It was sweet and cute and simple, all the things I tend to go for. And because of that I already have quite a few dainty gold bracelets. This one went back but it was a hard decision. I think the stylist did such a good job choosing that she chose something I already basically had. So kudos to her. 

 And item #5 is this cute dress. It came with a black slip and was a great length but didn't have sleeves. This isn't normally a big deal to me because I'm happy to layer over my dresses but I felt like for the price I would rather just throw it on and not think about adding a sweater to it. Plus I felt like it wasn't quite worth the price. So it went back too. 
 Along with the five items they include pictures of sample outfits to go with the items they sent so you know how to wear them. This is really fun and I found a few ideas on this card. Plus there is a personalized note from your stylist. I was totally impressed with my first Fix and am really looking forward to the next one. 
You do pay a $20 stylist fee but if you keep anything from the fix you can apply the fee to that item. So if you keep anything the styling is free. And if you keep all five items you get 25% off everything. After you decide what you want to keep, you just put the ones you are sending back in to the bag they provide and drop it in a mailbox. They pay for shipping. 

Also, there's no commitment. You decide how often you want to receive a fix. It's perfect if you don't have a lot of time to shop without kids. And I had a lot of fun trying things on for Jason without having to drag him to the store with me. I think he would agree it was a total win/win. 

If you want to try Stitch Fix just click here

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