Monday, January 26, 2015

DC Winter

 I've been fairly silent the last few months. Not because we haven't been doing anything noteworthy. Quite the opposite actually. We have been living it up and enjoying as much family time as we can. 
 I have been thinking about winter, especially DC winters and I have come to a solid conclusion. I love them. They are just about as perfect as a winter can be. We get snow sometimes. We get rain and gloom sometimes. We also get random 50 degree sunny days sometimes. 
 I love having four true seasons. When I was growing up in eastern Oregon we had two seasons with a very short week of fall and spring sandwiched between.
 Then we moved to Chicago and got two solid but quite extreme seasons. That winter is the reason we don't live there now. Chicago winters are not something to joke around about. Those are some serious winters.
 I do dream of winters in San Diego every February as I get tired of winter, but then spring arrives the flowers start poking up and I fall in love with DC all over again.
The weather isn't the reason we moved here, but it is certainly one of the things keeping us here.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Front Door Fashion

In my last Stitch Fix post I mentioned I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped to be. I liked the design of the company and I liked the way the fixes came but a lot of the clothes underwhelmed me. So, I decided to try a similar company called Front Door Fashion. I was so excited because they actually send you 4-6 OUTFITS to try. That is a lot of clothes. I like that they send more than 5 pieces and that they still only have a $20 styling fee, which is applied to anything you keep. The stylist communicates a lot more than Stitch Fix stylists, which is nice for someone like me who loves clothes and loves talking about clothes. I imagine if it wasn't really your thing and you just want someone to choose things that work well for you, that could be a little annoying, but for the most part I see it as a plus. 

 Here's what my box looked like.

And, here's what it looked like on the inside. 
It is really similar to a Stitch Fix box in packaging but much larger since they send you so many clothes. Everything is wrapped by outfit with a little note from the stylist. 
 I mentioned to the stylist I was curious about the dark floral trent. This dress totally hit the nail on the head, but it just wasn't the dress for me. It fit well and seemed fun, for someone else.
 I really liked this outfit. For this one she did the same outfit with two different skirts. The shirt was a bit too bright for me and the scarf was underwhelming but I liked the jewelry.

 This black and white skirt was the first thing I kept. I love the fit of a circle skirt and it has a really fun texture. I have paired it was many different colored tops and love it with everything.
 The above outfit is totally me. I love that polka dot top (I kept it) and the style of the jeans and breton top were very on point, but the breton was boxy and cropped, which I didn't love. The jeans were just a bit long and I didn't want to deal with hemming them, so back they went.
For this last outfit I kept the green shirt and the jean jacket. I've been looking for a jean jacket for a long time. I love the fit and color of this one. It came with the sleeves rolled up and I have kept them that way. This is the perfect jean jacket, in my opinion. The green shirt has some really fun details. The side seams and shoulder seams have a fun fagot stitch. The back also has a heavy drape to the neck and a cute green ribbon across the shoulders to keep it in place. I really love the details of this top. These are the kinds of details that make me love clothes. 

The necklace is awesome and I would have kept it but Jason hated it. I like to take his opinion in to consideration. Sometimes I feel more passionate about keeping something than he does about not liking it but this time he really didn't like it. And I still dream about it. Just kidding, kind of. 

Those white jeans. Whoa were they awesome. They fit well and felt amazingly soft but they were made of some kind of lace and were dry clean only. Dry clean only white jeans and kids don't mix, so they got sent back too. 

I felt like the pricing was very fair on the clothes. It is similar to what I would find at Nordstrom or J. Crew. Here's the price sheet from my order. It might be hard to read, for some reason the print has faded a bit in the last few weeks. 

After having the clothes a few days, I put everything I didn't want back in the box and sent it back. After a few days they ran my credit card for what they didn't get back in the box. This would have been great but one of the necklaces that I returned ended up being charged. So, I emailed them, letting them know I had sent it back. They said it wasn't in the box but would check again. After confirming they didn't receive it I still got charged for it. Here's the thing though, I KNOW I put it in the box. As I took the above pictures I did inventory and put things in the box immediately after taking the pictures. I know it was in there. So, it came down to my word against the person who unpacked the box. I don't know what happened but I'm not thrilled that I had to pay for a necklace I didn't keep. I really wish they would have worked harder to resolve this issue with me. I don't know exactly what happened on their end but it is disappointing that I had to pay for a mistake I'm sure was theirs. 

Although I like the idea of this service, loved the clothes and the personal connection with the stylist,  I'm hesitant to use them again. 

I've also learned that I like shopping. Part of the enjoyment of shopping for me is the hunt. I like to find that perfect something. So, I think my next shopping experiment is Nordstrom's personal stylist. They're free but they have a stronger store connection, and you get to meet them in person, which seems easier for them and me. I will do that in the next few months and check back in.  


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