Monday, March 23, 2015

The Flowers That Almost Killed The Cat

My sweet and empathetic son has a good friend in his school class who has Strep throat. He felt so bad for her and suggested we buy her some flowers. "Because girls like flowers." It was really sweet so we went to Trader Joe's and bought the perfect bouquet of purple flowers. 

His friend was thrilled and put them in a vase before walking out the door to run an errand with her family. When they got back they discovered the cat had eaten one of the lilies. Apparently cats can have kidney failure from eating lilies. So, they called the pet emergency hotline (it's a thing!) and after exchanging pictures of the flower were told they should take it to the animal hospital for testing and monitoring. 

The sweet cat has been there for days and thankfully is doing well and hasn't had any signs of kidney failure but he has to stay for a few more days, just to be sure. 

I can not imagine how expensive this is. 

I feel terrible. Who would have thought? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From The Farmer

I have always been hesitant to join a CSA because my family is a little picky. So I was worried the produce would go to waste because nobody would eat it.
A few weeks ago I heard about From The Farmer. A local produce delivery system that lets you customize your delivery every week. So if it looks like there will be grapefruit coming and your family loves grapefruit you can ask for more. And if your family won't eat beets, you can ask not to get them.  It is the totally customizable produce delivery system. I love it. 
The variety is fun and they deliver right to your front door. They deliver every Friday first thing in the morning, so my kids wake up and check the front porch for a box of produce. Anything that makes my kids excited to eat fruits and vegetables is a total win! 
This last week we even got organic, only fruit strawberry jam and apple cider. The carrots were so many fun colors and my kids both gobbled them up and called them "fancy carrots". From The Farmer also does bread and eggs. I haven't tried those yet, but I'm sure they're good!
The other great thing about From The Farmer is that if you go out of town or didn't finish the produce from last week you can just suspend your delivery. It's as easy as that! So if you're in the DC area, you should totally give it a try! 

*From The Farmer does not in any way sponsor this blog. I just love their service and therefore want to spread the word. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stitch Fix #6

 I know I said I may be done ordering from Stitch Fix but lets be honest. They're good and when you get a credit (Thanks Michelle!) you use it. So, I have a few pairs of denim that sort of fell apart this last few weeks, so I knew that would be a good thing to request in my fix. I have also heard that Stitch Fix is REALLY good at denim. So, I thought why not? 
The first thing out of the box was this pretty green top. It is 41Hawthorn's Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse and they cal it Teal Green but it seems a little more spearmint to me. For $68 it is a little pricier than I would normally pay but both Jason and Calder loved it, so I kept it. It has tulip sleeves which I love and the pleating detail in the front is fun. You can't see it well but the shoulders and back yoke have quilted details. It's a fun top. I kept it. 
The black jeans are Kut From The Kloth Denna Skinny Jeans for $78.00. I liked these well enough. They fit well and were super comfortable. Unfortunately they were a little long and normally I wouldn't mind hemming them but I just wasn't feeling it this time. I do want some black jeans, so I may try again next time but ask for something ankle length. Returned. 
The next thing out of the box was this Pixley Meryl Tulip Print Sleeveless Blouse for $54.00. I love the print and it was so so soft but the armholes were huge, so it made it look funny if I tried wearing it alone or with something under it. The other issue I have with this top is that it has a center seam down the front. I know this doesn't bother most people but I hate that the pattern doesn't add up. Returned. As I look at these pictures though, I'm thinking that is a really cute outfit. I should look for a fun print blouse like this (without a center seam). 
 This necklace was the next thing out. I was hopeful and loved the colors but the chain looks like antique brass, which just doesn't look awesome. If it had been gold or silver colored, it would have been great. This was the Romolo Zena Crystal Palm Collar Necklace. It was fun and interesting, just not perfect. And it cost $38.00 so if I'm going to spend that much on an necklace I want it to be something I love. Returned. 
 The last thing out of the box was these Dear John Marson Wide Leg Denim Trousers for $78.00. These are amazing jeans. They make my legs look a million miles long and they still have butt pockets, which is a requirement for me. The front pockets are nice and deep and I love the dark wash. I kept these and love them. 
 So, to recap, I kept two things and returned three. That's a pretty good fix. I liked everything I was sent and could have been talked in to keeping all 5 so I feel like this is a really good fix. Thanks Katherine for styling this one!
If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix follow this link (I get a credit if I refer you). It is easy and fun and you're not committed to buying anything or having a monthly shipment. You just let them know how often you want it or you can just request one when you want it. Some people just use it when they have a special event coming up or when they need something specific. I think it is really fun!


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