Monday, June 8, 2015

New Hair Color

 What is it about going to the salon? I think I could go there just for a shampoo and I would feel amazing. I went a few weeks ago to get some highlights and to go lighter overall. Experimenting with hair color is not something I have really done much, so I always feel a little unsure of whether it will look good. 

I really love the way my stylist listens. She is incredibly talented. It has been fun to play with my new color. I can see how it can be addicting to change your hair color! 
If you live in the DC area and need a salon I highly recommend Alchemy Salon. It is on Colesville Road next to Trader Joes, so you can always grab groceries when you're done. Total win!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Why oh why do I forget about A Candied Apple?! I haven't ever seen your hair long--it's beautiful! I wish you could come be my personal stylist! I'm excited to catch up on the many posts I've missed! Hope you all are doing well!


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