Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Love

We have been enjoying the most amazing summer. The weather is perfect, the pools are open and we are happy. I started out thinking I wanted to have a pretty structured schedule. That's just how I function best. But I have found that my kids love spontaneity and are much happier making spur of the moment decisions. Of course they love having something to look forward to but they don't love having every second of the day planned out. We are learning to work together to have the best summer ever. 
 I can't believe how fast the summer has gone. Is it always this fast? Calder just finished kindergarten and it feels like our first real summer vacation. We of course had summer break from preschool but he went 4 half days a week. Not anything close to what elementary school is. 
 My kids are best friends. They argue and fight at times but they have really figured out how to make each other happy and what to play together. I love that Calder has to stretch his imagination to make the spy games he loves to play stretch to Colette's interest of babies and dolls. It has been so fun to see him mature and develop lately. 

 Summer really should be unstructured. My kids have taught me that. They need time to get bored and use their imaginations. They need to be able to resolve their own conflicts sometimes. They need me to be there and help them through conflicts sometimes. It has been a beautiful summer and I can't wait to see what the last month of it brings. 


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