About Me

I was born in a smaller town in Eastern Oregon. Humbly raised by two amazing parents who loved their kids and each other.  I was taught about resourcefulness, creativity, recycling, hard work, patience and happiness. 

 I met my husband in high school. He was cute, witty and a drummer in the marching band.  I fell hard. We dated for two years before he went to college.

Then I went to college at BYU-Idaho for a year. We visited a lot that year and decided the distance was just too great (9 hours). I transferred to Portland Community to finish my degree in Ophthalmic Medical Technology. We got married the week after graduating.

We moved to Chicago, he got a law degree, I worked, we got a dog, we had a kid, I retired, we lived in three different apartments in 5 years.  We moved to Columbus, Ohio for a year and recently just moved to the Washington DC area. We're loving it and although we're not 100% settled yet, we're here for now.

This is where I record my creative endeavors to share with the world. 

things i love
  • playing with my family
  • sewing
  • reading
  • drinking lemonade
  • IKEA
  • baking
  • black & white photography
  • shopping
  • sunshine
  • making fresh bread
  • cycling
  • Crate & Barrel
  • recycling
  • making jam
  • dancing with my two year old
  • cupcakes
  • fresh produce
  • afternoon naps
  • hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • thrifting
  • scandinavian design
  • white, aqua, yellow, red
  • surprises


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