Frequently Asked Questions

How did you learn to sew?
I started when I moved to college. I just dabbled here and there but got serious when my husband started grad school. I needed a creative outlet to counterbalance my scientific job. I started with baby items but then started doing things for me and things for my home. 

How did you learn to work with wood?
My dad made things out of wood when I was growing up. It was a hobby but he was so good. Although I didn't take advantage of the situation and learn a bunch from him I did grow up without a fear of power tools. I think fearing the tools is the biggest hurdle for people. Once you feel comfortable around saws and drills you can do anything!

What inspires your designs? 
I like clean, modern, simple things. I am inspired by nature, textures and my kid's enthusiasm for life.

What kind of machine do you use?
A Singer Prelude sewing machine.  I think this is a fine machine. It is very simple but works very well for basic sewing. If you're thinking of getting into sewing and don't want a big financial commitment, this would be a great machine. I don't get any endorsements from Singer, just so you know. Someday I really want a better machine but for now, this works.

How do you find time to sew, build, chase two kids and explore DC?
I try to only sew when my kids are sleeping or at school. They does occasionally help me choose buttons or coordinating fabrics. My son especially has an eye for that.  We all get a little itchy if we stay home too long, we like to be moving and shaking. So yeah, we're busy but happy.


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