Things To Buy In 2012

As I begin the challenge to not buy anything new in 2011 I want to keep track of things I plan to buy in 2012. I hope the list isn't terribly long, but we'll see how it goes.

  • Brightly colored tights. I'm seeing them everywhere and wishing I would have got some before January 1. I guess they might show up at the thrift store.  I found them at the thrift store! Yay!
  • Sippy cups. Somehow we're low. We are doing okay but 2 more would be awesome. All well. I imagine Calder will transition to big boy cups as the year goes on. I just found two sippy cups I thought I had lost. We're good now.
  • A massive TV for my husband. I don't actually think he will make it to 2012 since he has been waiting for almost 5 years for this thing but we'll see. 
  • Glass jars to hold my bulk food items. Including cheese and deli meat. 
 Photo courtesy of Sunset Magazine
  • Gray nail polish


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